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Dr. Solomon I. Khmelnik

Construction of aircraft on the basis of the Biefield-Brown Effect


Known the so-called Biefield-Brown Effect, which consists in the fact that the flat capacitor, which is under high constant voltage, tends to move toward the positive pole. There are also descriptions of experiments with aircraft that use this effect.

Known hypotheses about the nature of this effect for one reason or another are not sufficient for a full explanation of this effect. In addition, all these hypotheses using new, not universally accepted understanding of the physical phenomena.

The author proposed to explanation the nature of forces driving the condenser in the existing physical paradigm. The explanation is based on the application of the variational principle of the extremum in the electromechanical and electrodynamic systems, which proved the author. We show that these forces can be found from the solution of Maxwell's equations. It is also proposed and the method of calculating these forces. This method allows to find the optimal configuration of the condenser, when the attitude of force to the square capacitor becomes a maximum. We show that the existing materials permit to construct a real device.

In particular, the pressure (measured in Newtons) from the outside to the positive plate capacitor is defined as



 - the area of the condenser,

- the constant voltage on the condenser,

 - relative permittivity dielectric in the condenser.

Thickness of dielectric is determined by the value of the breakdown voltage of dielectric .

Ability unsupported traffic due to the fact that the capacitor charges interact with the electric field of the capacitor. The fact that the charge and set up his field, are autonomous and independent objects (and not a single object), a long time ago is proven Faraday.

The proposed theory of asymmetry of the capacitor is due to the mutual asymmetry of negative charges (electrons) and positive charges (ions), the dimensions of which differ by several orders of magnitude.



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